This is a siding materials most commonly used in Japan

Fiber Cement Siding

This is mainly materialized in cement and fibrous substance in a board shape. About 70% of new houses are made of this ceramics siding.

  • Shorter construction term than mortar
  • More pattern and color variation.

Metallic exterior wall center siding (limited area)

Sharpened light pattern, realistic expression from materials design is easily matched with personal favorites buildings, good for new houses, as well as re-forms.

  • Wide variation
  • Light and high insulation and durability.

Moen Art

This is an imitated stone materials which shows dynamic and various shape, and various expression with deeply sharpened emboss. The high level of design creates original entrance wall mode of houses and shops.

  • Natural and delicate originality of natural stone color at high level of design.
  • This can be used for interior wall, not only for exterior wall.

Big Wall Works

Whilst the patterns like bricks, stone, tiles and ceramic type sidings are steadily liked, mortar type simple design exterior wall is still quite popular. Big Wall works of NICHIHA is a combination of dry fiber ceramic siding and coating type finishing works.
Invisible joint of sidings and various pattern creates your house originality.

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