Mixing up EPS Molding for a decoration, AICA JOLYPAT for finishing process, we have realized beautiful and wide range design work.

What durecrete is

Durecrete was developed by USG INC in the U.S., the world largest gypsum maker in an early 1980s. This is an interior/exterior materials system with inorganic light bone port land cement for a core, and glass fiber implanted on both of surface.

In Japan, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism initiated “General Technology Development Project” in 1990, to enhance study for a new raw materials. The project team investigated products in a market from various aspect of resistance durability against fire, water, workability, concluding that durecrete board is most advanced to meet conditionality of climate and housing environment of Japan from most of those aspects. “Hinkaku-hou (secure and enhance the quality of housing acts)” enforced in 2000, .guide lined measurement of quality of housing such as fire proofing, save energy measure, deterioration measure and durecrete cleared top level of those criteria.

Durecrete is very flexible for the finishing works, from lacquer to sticker like tile and imitation stone and the combination of those. It is also suitable to bended parts, all around materials.

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