Exterior Wall Operation

[Long lived and beautiful exterior wall, to protect your assets]-That is exactly the Specialized Skill of Nihon Wall Construction,differentiated from others.

The expression of the house is differentiated by how you plan exterior wall.
From that extent, it may be the most important point how you select which wall for an exterior. Those are our mission to pursue higher standard siding , no deterioration of quality at least and longer than 20 years, advanced fireproofing, everlasting, dirt proofing, addition to our own products of weather (ultraviolet rays/oxidation) proofing wall function.


This is a siding materials most commonly used in Japan Fiber Cement Siding This is mainly materialized in ceme … "NICHIHA SIDING" の続きを読む

Asahi Tostem AT-WALL

This is hard to crack up, durable against ultraviolet and beautiful surface in fluorine coat. Molecular struct … "Asahi Tostem AT-WALL" の続きを読む


This gives you a delicate color and real sensitive exterior wall. Own high sensitive paintings (FCJ) is dispen … "KMEW" の続きを読む

IG heat insulation/Metal siding

Products specialized at fire proofing and insulation, suitable for factories and buildings. Metal siding is li … "IG heat insulation/Metal siding" の続きを読む


TORAY interior/exterior materials Interano and Glasal PRO are “Hard cement base” advantaged stabile and smooth … "TORAY ACE" の続きを読む

Exterior wall operation

This is the finishing stage of building house. We pay a lot of attention on a functionality, as well as a desi … "Exterior wall operation" の続きを読む


Mixing up EPS Molding for a decoration, AICA JOLYPAT for finishing process, we have realized beautiful and wid … "Durecreteboard" の続きを読む

EPS molding

Mixing up Duracretboard for a base, AICA JOLYPAT for finishing process, we have realized beautiful and wide ra … "EPS molding" の続きを読む

RC heat insulation (Dan Wall)

It is quite popular in Europe, “out insulation system DanWall Condensation at window glass is a headache for m … "RC heat insulation (Dan Wall)" の続きを読む

Roat Iron

Roat iron is various decoration made of iron heated and decorated=Ironwork. Iron work has a long history in Eu … "Roat Iron" の続きを読む
デラクリートボードEPSモールディングRC外断熱ダンウォールロートアイアンアイカジョリパッドアルミコルゲートパネルカドアール骨董建具・古材KMEWケイミュー屋根材アイジー屋根材旭ファイバーグラス オークリッジプロメトロタイル茅葺屋根