Warm re-form on your family?

We can answer that question!
The answer is, “LOHAS (Life style Of Healthy And Sustainability)” healthy and environmental-friendly life style option.

Worries the family shares

Solutions of everybody`s concerns are up here! Warm re-form on your family.

The answers are prepared sincerely with smile, as we like to share the happiness with together.
We would like to hear the voice “Well done, great job!”,

Is it possible to strengthen earthquake resistance even old-aged house?

Yes, of course it is.
We know the way to lift the level of earthquake resistance up by changing metal stopper and exterior wall to earthquake-proof.

The ceiling looks wet, might it be rain leaks?

That may be because of on-going a peel off the painting of the roof.
The cover roof work can be conducted, while you can stay at your place, no need to move.
At the same time ventilation would be worked out, so that mitigates hotness in summer and condensation in winter.

Why does falling over accident happen at home?

43% of inhouse accident is falling over, as the balance of legs and waist weaken as age goes by, then shuffle. Here are consequences

  • Catch
  • Stumble
  • Loose the balance
  • Slip

Recommend another work on structure to avoid accidents.

Something needs to be done on rooms humidity and lack of sunshine.
From south to north, east to west, you`d better ensure the in and out way for winds.
We can manage the humidity when the temperature goes up by setting a materials which does not prevent the breath of woods.

Being sick and tired of flaw and blue mold dirt on exterior wall, can you fix it?

  • Remove the old wall to replace new one.
  • Place the completely new wall, drilldown the air vent hall to an existing wall.

Early repair extends the life of exterior wall 10 years or a bit longer.

If you are concerned with change of original image and color, you can order it trial base.

66.4 % of thief damage is an invasion through window glass and crescent

Solution is to take others unknown to our side, and watch out and mark followings

  • easy to invade, easy to get away, blind spot, second floor or higher.
  • garden and approaching path change, cut off fence and woods, security window installed.

Pets, dog related issues

  • We know the way to reduce the noise of pets walking and smells
  • We know how to stop them moving freely as they like in a room
  • We know the good way for both pets and human.