Privacy Policy

First of all

Nihon Wall Construction Co.,Ltd (our company), recognize that it is our
very important responsibility to protect any personal information we take
and hold from customers and others, for the sake of trust and credibility.
We attempt to offer further trusty and security with a protection of personal
information. Our company is fully compliant with relevant regulations to
hold personal information in an appropriate manner.

1. Regarding an acquisition of personal information

Our company acquire personal information as an appropriate with no false, nor illegal way.

2. Regarding an utilization of personal information

Our company utilize personal information within a range of the following. We shall seek for prior agreement of customer themselves when we utilize it outside of ranges below.

(1) The estimate order, response or information to questions
(2) Event information, information about various services

3. Regarding secured management of personal information.

Our company take necessary and appropriate action to manage any personal information for the prevention of the leak and loss of it.

4.Regarding delegation of management of personal information.

In case the management of personal information is delegated fully or partially to the third party, our company shall pursue strict investigation of the third party concerned, as well as necessary supervision in order to manage the personal information as an appropriate.
Also in case of co-operated operation is accomplished, there may be a case that personal information is delegated.

5. Regarding presentation of personal information to third party

Our company shall not present personal information without prior agreement of people concerned, with an exception stated in Personal Information Law.

6. Regarding a disclosure and modification of personal information.

Our company will disclose personal information based upon a request from people themselves concerned.
We shall not disclose when we are not able to identify themselves.
We shall response promptly after an investigation, in case there are mistakes for which modification/addition/deletion are requested by themselves.

At any case where an identification is not performed, we shall not take any action.

Please contact below for the request or enquiry of personal information management of our company.

[contact point] Nihon Wall Construction
Phone 042-799-3003

7. Structure and System

Our company appointed Hiroshi Kato as a Manager of personal information management, responsible for appropriate personal information management and seek for continuous improvement.

8. The change of this policy

The content of this policy may change.
The policy thereafter the change is valid once the policy is updated on this site, unless otherwise stated.