What is a difference between Siding and Painting?

This is frequently asked question. Recent survey among newly built houses shows 60% is Siding, whilst 70% is painting among re-form.

Briefing difference are

Painting is

to paint or spray then to protect the surface of exterior wall. The process is, “wash and repair, rough coat, floating coat, then finishing coat”.

Various choices in design and color, almost none of weight load. The onetime cost is relatively low in compared with Siding, it would be however more expensive than siding, because high frequency is required.

Ref the attached Wall

Siding is

the board to be stuck on exterior wall, simply means “putting a panel on a wall”
This panel contains various design, high durability and fire-proof. This is materialized in cement, ceramic and metal and so on. The process is, “wash and repair, fix ground metal stopper, the put panels on it.


Please select either of those accordingly

Now you see the difference between Painting and Siding, which have both merit and demerit, you can pick either of those two, according to your purpose. Nihon Wall Construction is ready to find your solution, you are most welcome.