Techniques to suit various building materials

DURACRETE board + JOLYPAT, EPS molding, RC out insulator PANWALL, Roat Iron, Aluminum Colgate Panel, KADO-R etc are all prepared, as well as normal popular materials and mixture of those.
Rent houses, detached house, shops and facilities, from newly built to re-form/maintenance management, please contact high technical standard of Nihon Wall Construction for any requirement of exterior wall, roof, interior design.

Current popular materials! (exterior wall, roof, other

デラクリートボードEPSモールディングRC外断熱ダンウォールロートアイアンカドアール骨董建具・古材KMEWケイミュー屋根材アイジー屋根材旭ファイバーグラス オークリッジプロメトロタイル茅葺屋根

Why Nihon Wall Construction is the number one customers’ choice

1. Well experienced Nihon Wall Construction on residential housing to business/commercial facilities.


The top management acquires patent of building development, of which technicality obtains reputation. Its [reliable credibility] realize ideal house building.

2. Plenty of Material Items

Plenty of Material Items

Applicable to DURACRETE board + JOLYPAT, EPS molding, RC out insulator PANWALL, Roat Iron, Aluminum Colgate Panel, and also traditional Japanese building methodology such as
thatched roof, and tea room can be built from the best choice out of the many instances we obtain, with no compromise in our mission.

3. Appropriate Price


Good reasons behind cheaper prices. Adversely it would be higher price once unnecessary materials and operations are built in. We are to present appropriate price fully agreeable by customers.

4. Importance of humanity


Houses are not just mere buildings. But a place of relieving comfortability and safety where people would feel happiness, looking after each others “Omoiyari”. We are to build houses, as a part of your family, from this compassionate mentality of “Omoiyari” [looking after mind] so that you could feel comfort, safety, and happiness.


Nihon Wall Construction has been heavily involved in technical development in exterior wall, painting and roofing for residential housing and businesses/commercial facility building.

In Tokyo, Kanagawa and Yokohama area, we have widened results for residential housing and business/commercial buildings. We also provide you with a services, very much complicatedly designed transactions with an alumic Colgate being used (in Tokyo area).
If you are planning to re-form exterior wall, siding, roof and interior in Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Yokohama, please contact us. Nihon Wall Construction can make your desire true with [reliable credibility]

Sales area for exterior wall, roof and painting: Tokyo (all), Kanagawa (Yokohama City and other cities). Nevertheless we are prepared to discuss transactions even other than above mentioned area.

Top column: Selection of operators for roofing, exterior wall/paintings.

What would you consider when you pick operators up for re-forming re-painting roof, exterior wall? The cost, operating methodology, materials and etc are all important. It should, however, be far important to recognize the technicality and it is surprisingly difficult. We think this technique is further required for your valuable assets of houses and buildings. It is recommended to pick up highly trustable operators with techniques.

It is also seen that there have been increasing trouble among operators who visit customers for sales marketing in Tokyo, Kanagawa/Yokohama. You should be remindful on this sort of Brokers who does only liaise business. They charge very expensive brokerage, liaising transactions between actual builders with lack of any management in charge, nor clear responsibility clarified

The selection of operators who touch your important assets of home houses and buildings should be cautious decision and clear understanding where and who takes responsibility should be in place, assumingly there might be some troublesome incident going forward.

It is highly important to chase operator’s [track records] up, who you select. We maintain highly skilled professional craft workers to build lots of actual results, especially in Tokyo, Kanagawa and Yokohama.

We are proud of ourselves with a consistency responsible for [consulting, designing, choosing materials, operational flow and after services]. You can rely on our high techniques from our track records.

Exterior wall operation (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Yokohama)

Roofing operation (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Yokohama)

Planning your dream home building, re-forming, remodeling,
we will make your dream come true!

Emergency notice for customers in Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Yokohama

There have been increasing incidents where customers are charged extremely expensive cost of operation for roofing, exterior wall, paintings and re-forming under similar name to [Nihon Wall Construction], especially in Kanagawa (Yokohama, Yamato, Zama, Seya, Atsugi etc) and Tokyo (Machida, Setagaya etc). Whilst we have continued to disclaim, there has been no improvement at all.

Thus we are forced to notify hereby that there is no relevancy to ourselves.